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    Nantong XiangYang Optical Element Co., loacted in an older town with the history of thousands of year in Industry park Qutang town.It is a new developing and new enterprise depending on science and technology. The registered capital of the company is USD1,200,000.00. It manages silk screen printing, hardened glass, mechanical components etc. Silk screen printing all kinds of glass, organic glass and PVC etc. material. Apply in microwave oven, induction cooker, screen of TV set, panel of mobile phone, operation panel of all kinds of elevator, trademark and brands etc.

    Our company owns special printing machine which can print in many colors.including: Glass printing has high and low temperature oil ink and we can supply glass printing and harden glass togather. Additionally, our company manages to drilling the hole. The product of the drilling has glass, stainless steel, marble and steel plate etc. including: the thickness of drilling steel plate is 5cm. The minimium hole diameter of glass is Ф2mm. We can provide all kinds of shapes according to the customer’s request.

    Technology is the center, quality is the life,and the customer is the god. We are enterprising actively and develop our market. At present, our products have sold to USA, Germany, Japan,Thailand,Hongkong,Taiwan etc. countries and districts.