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Quartz glass

Quartz glass²úƷͼ     Optical quartz glass window film, to high temperature and high pressure, etc., other optical materials can not be replaced. UV quartz glass has good permeability; visible and near infrared light absorption is very low, so is the production of optical fiber based material. Minimal coefficient of thermal expansion, chemical stability, bubbles, stripes, uniformity, birefringence can be comparable with the general optical glass, it is preferred to work in bad situations of optical materials. Mainly used: special light source, optics, optoelectronics, military industry, metallurgy, semiconductors, optical communications and other fields. It can test the temperature: 1,200 degrees, softening temperature: 1730 ¡ã, the specific parameters are as follows:

    1£® 1. ZS-1 (Far UV quartz glass) corresponds to the grade JGS1
It is the melting of high purity hydrogen and oxygen optical quartz glass, it contains a large amount of hydroxyl (2000ppm), has excellent performance through the UV, especially in the short-wave UV region, its performance far better than by all other glass, in the 185¦Ìm transmission at up to 90%, synthetic quartz glass at 2730nm with a strong absorption peak at no grain structure. Is the wavelength range 185-2500m¦Ì good optical material.

2£® ZS-2 (ultraviolet Quartz glass) corresponds Open File JGS2
Hydrogen flame quartz raw materials and the production of quartz glass, containing tens of ppm of metal impurities. Absorption peak at 2730nm at a (OH content 100-200ppm), with stripes and grain structure. It is through the 220-2500¦Ìm wavelength range of good material.

3£® HS (IR Optical Quartz glass) corresponds Open File JGS3
Fused quartz materials and production of vacuum quartz glass, with dozens of ppm of metal impurities. Small bubbles, particle structure and stripes, almost no (OH), with higher performance through infrared, transmittance up to 85%, and its application in the wavelength range 260-3500¦Ìm optical materials.

Appendix: Optical quartz glass JC/T185-1996 standards, with spectral transmittance characteristics. (Formerly Standard JC 185-81 (96) "JGS1, JGS2, JGS3, optical quartz glass" void.)
















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