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Partial galvanometer(PL/CPL)

Polarizer (also known as: polarizer), a polarizer into linearly polarized lens (PL lens) and the circular polarizer (CPL mirror, circular polarizer).
Line polarizer: Line polarizer transmittance 41.5%, 99.8% absorbance;
Circularly polarized light microscopy: 30%, 99.9% absorbance.
Features: A polarizing filter can be incident, composite light, or monochromatic light into linearly polarized light, and then through the polarizer so that the light finish dull.
Application: A polarizing filter can be used for quantitative determination of polarized light, photographic equipment, instruments in the field of polarized light is an important optical components.

Other Description: (Reference New York Institute of Photography "photography teaching" on the books P239 ~ 240, excerpt Part)

    Polarization filter and filter most other types of structure is not the same, it is composed of two glass and two pieces of glass installed independently of each other within the framework of a circle, to the relative rotation. With the rotation, the polarization filter will be chopping off more glare and haze. If we have a single lens reflex camera, through the viewfinder that we can truly see the changes that occur.

    Polarizing filter helps to remove any metal from the surface of the unwanted glare. Regardless of color photography or black and white photography, polarizing filters can really help us do this.

    By the glass, water, smooth wood surface, satin and other produce are polarized reflected light, only in one direction vibration.

    "Polarized" look in the end is like? If we do not know, and there is no shame, because the polarized light and ordinary light is actually no different. The naked eye can not distinguish between polarized light and ordinary light.

    Scientific terms "polarization" image to describe this phenomenon. Polarization can be understood as the vibration in one plane. Polarization filter function is to prevent this vibration, thus slashing this polarized light.

    This is the reason for the polarization filter must be rotated. With the rotation of the polarization filter to be removed could have been adopted by the polarized light.

Partial galvanometer







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